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Free flights for free.

The best deals on flights

using your credit card points.

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Launch YC: Pointhound - earn and redeem credit card points for free flights

(We cracked the code)

You’re probably missing out on free flights if you aren’t taking advantage of the best point redemption deals.

Maximize your rewards

We’re offering free 1-1 points sessions with two of our founders to get you set up to maximize your point earning. No fluff, no sales pitch – just real talk with real people who’ve been there.

$2,500 retail
>2¢ per point
$500 retail
1-2¢ per point
$250 retail
<1¢ per point

Be confident you’re getting the best deal.

Pointhound labels all the best deals in green so you know whether it makes more sense to book with points or to save your points for a better redemption.

Ready to fetch the ultimate travel deals?

Simply enter an origin to search everywhere around the globe.

Explore specific dates or browse flexibly - up to an entire month.

Find your next getaway without having to run 10+ searches to find it.

Explore top flight deals

6 reasons why we started Pointhound

  • 1. Free flights for free.
  • 2. Spend less time hunting for the perfect flight.
  • 3. Business and first class are less expensive with points.
  • 4. Credit card portals don't give good points redemptions.
  • 5. To make embracing new experiences more accessible.
  • 6. Points outvalue cash back when redeemed wisely.

This is Alex. She got a free flight to the Faroe Islands after opening a new credit card.

If you’re not getting free flights, you’re missing out.

If you spend $3,000 per month, you could be earning 12,000+ points per month.

Maximize your points without changing how much you spend.

Opening a new card could give you a 75k+ point welcome bonus.

Opening a new credit card will often have a positive impact on your credit score.

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Our mission is simple - we're here to get you FREE FLIGHTS! More broadly, we aim to inspire curiosity, and CULTIVATE APPRECIATION for our interconnected world by making travel more accessible.


“I used to get cash back from my credit cards, and I thought it was great – it’s not.”

Ryan – Brooklyn, NY